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Hey there, I am Carlos!

My name is Carlos Ferreira and I am a 20 year old developer. I have experience in many aspects of computer programming and web design and development, as well as knowledge in database management.

Wanna know more?

Web Design & Development

I have been doing this for over 6 years now! I can help your business or idea get its own space online in less than a day, after some good planning of course.

Web Design and Dev

Computer Programming

Programming is my passion, to me programming is the closest thing we have to magic. Let me help you create your program or bespoke software for you using many languages to ensure you get what you’re looking for.


  • Random facts about me...

    Born Portuguese, living in London, UK. I adore technology, and everything about it. I am a cat person, an anime addict who loves chocolates, energy drinks and hates raisins. I am legitimately scared of spiders and spiral stairs. Things always with me are my phone, my card, my Oyster and my house keys. I do also believe I may have claustrophobia.